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This is the meaning of the flowers your partner gives you

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Giving flowers to a partner is a form of romantic act by men to put on women. Usually this flower gift is given away on special moments like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. However, he may give it as a form of affection for you on ordinary days.

What your partner is doing looks simple, doesn’t it? But those “little” things are important in a relationship, you know. The flower your partner chooses for you can say a lot about your relationship, such as: B. How serious he is towards you.

1. Carnations

Carnations or the Indonesian language, the carnation flower is one of the affordable flowers but with a wide variety of colors. If your partner gives you a carnation of your favorite color, it means that they are making an effort to please you. Don’t look at the price, the efforts he made to keep you happy should be appreciated, you know.

2. tulip

Tulips are the perfect gift for any special moment in a relationship. In addition, tulip flowers are more unique in shape than roses. Obviously, when your friend gets his hand with tulips of different colors, it means that he is paying you a lot of attention. He values ​​you and the relationship you are in so much that he gives you a special flower.

3. Peonies

What does the peony flower mean? This pink flower is known for its elegance and symbolizes purity. Discarded peonies also symbolize luck, wealth and honor. If your friend gives you peonies, it means that they respect you as a partner and wish you luck, or that good things will happen between the two of you.

4. Daisies (aster)

Daisies or daisies are very beautiful flowers. This flower symbolizes innocence. It is very appropriately given by a partner at the beginning of a relationship to get the girl’s heart. If your friend buys you a daisy, it means they want to get to know you even deeper. Come on, open your heart to him.

5. Red roses

Unlike the daisy, the red rose is a flower for someone who takes it very seriously in a relationship. Many men may be reluctant to give red roses to their partners for fear of being considered too early in the relationship. When your boyfriend finally gives you these flowers, it means he really wants you and is expecting a more serious relationship. When you get the flour, get ready.

Do you already know the importance of the flowers your partner gives you? So you no longer need to be confused, i.e., interpret the meaning of the romantic act from it.