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13 best wedding gift ideas for just married couples


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Of course, when you receive messages about someone who is closest to you, be it a friend or family member who is getting married, we will feel fine too, yes. I want to increase their happiness by giving the best wedding gifts that will be useful for their newlyweds life. Wow, what kind of gift is suitable? Instead of getting confused, below are recommendations for those of you looking for the best wedding gift for newlywed couples.

1. Honeymoon ticket

Wow, who is not happy with this gift? For new couples, getting a free honeymoon card can be the first step in saving money after everything has been spent on the cost of the wedding. However, this gift is not cheap. As a solution, you can introduce this idea to friends or other family members and then invite them to band together. Smart, right, the idea?

2. Photo album

If you want to give a gift that you will remember for a long time, photo albums are the answer. As the closest person, you need to know more or less about special moments for friends or relatives with your partner. You can collect photos of this special moment and print them out in the form of a photo album. Make sure that the picture can be displayed as a decoration in his future home.

3. Link elements

For newlyweds, romance is an atmosphere that needs to be created every day. To help them out, you can have items available for a couple or partner to add spice to the romance. Gifts include pajamas, mugs, toothbrushes, towels, and the same clothes. You can also create custom items by adding the newly married couple’s name and their wedding date. It should be even more memorable!

4. Keep vouchers

If the one who is married is your girlfriend or sister, a gift certificate is perfect for them. The voucher really helped her the first day she became a wife. With these vouchers he can spend various household needs. Buying coupons is now very easy. You can buy it in your favorite e-commerce.

5. Messages contain self-care items

You can also give skin care products that contain personal care products, be it bath soap, shampoo, or perfume. There are several stores that offer such parcel packaging that is already packed in beautiful cardboard boxes. It’s hassle-free and the price can be adjusted based on the ability of your bag. Most importantly, such things are definitely used. Make sure your friend or family member prefers a specific brand or fragrance.

6. Cooking utensils

Domestic life begins after marriage. Husband and wife perform their respective roles. Cooking is one of the activities that married people typically do. Well, a set of cooking utensils can be the perfect wedding gift. If your budget is quite big, you can buy something more expensive and of good quality.

7. Cutlery

Another useful gift idea is tableware. A unique and cute dinnerware can make this newly married meal even more fun. You can also choose a mug with a cute design to make the brewing activity warmer and more intimate.

8. Microwave

The newlyweds usually reimburse household items. The microwave is one of the last electronic devices to be bought because the price is not cheap. If you offer a microwave oven to your friend or family member, they will surely be happy with your gift.

9. Coffee machines

In addition to the microwave, coffee brewing is another electronic device that newlyweds look forward to, especially when you know the couple really enjoy drinking coffee. There is currently a wide range of coffee machines available. Just make sure they fit your budget.

10. House cleaning tools

If you do not live in your in-laws’ house, the newlyweds usually have a new place of residence. As a new home, you definitely need cleaning tools like vacuum cleaner, broom, mop and so on. . You can give these tools as a wedding gift. Very helpful!

11. Sheets and bedspreads

None other than that, the bed is a popular place for honeymooners. Correct? For this reason, the complete sheets with duvet are the most beautiful wedding gift that you can give to your friends or family. In terms of comfort, you can choose from soft but warm materials. And as for the color, it is better to choose neutral colors, such as white, cream or light blue.

12. Decoration or furniture

The newlyweds’ houses are usually empty, without much decoration or furniture. If you want your friends or relatives to remember you, you can give away gifts in the form of decorations or furniture to fill their new home. Later on, he’ll always remember who gave him a chair or shelf to fill his first living room.

13. Aromatherapy candles

Besides sexy underwear, you can also help the newlyweds have their first night with aromatherapy candles. You can give a candle that smells like sandalwood. This fragrance is suitable for newlyweds who are looking for peace and comfort, but also want to enjoy longer.