Gifts for Toy

Prank Gift Boxes, Inc.
Bring your party to the next level of joyfulness and hilarity with Prank Gift Boxes, Inc. DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit. Gift this to your beloved and enjoy the disbelief wash over their faces. Do not forget to full the box with XS condoms, life is short, let's have fun.
The Original Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask
once upon a time, there is an original moving rorschach inkblot mask, the only mask in the earth that would react to the heat of your breath. You can easily control the area of effect by manipulating your breath. One size fits all and the mask covers all the way to the neck.
Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing - hilarious box
Let's send your friends something that will embarrass them with the mailman. Do not send it yourself, we will help you to do the god's work. Do not forget to used expedite shipping with insurance so your friends have to sign it. Enjoy the glorious moment trolling your fiend with this package. What a great time for revenge!
 Pop it Pal
It is addicting to play with this fantastic gift to release stress or just to have fun with your family. This Pop it Pal is refillable and safe for your skin. Enjoy trolling people around you like Pimple Popper with Pop it Pal!